Creating Customer connect

Established in 2009 Enkaptivate Events & Promotions Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based promotions company which is in the business of promoting the products and services of our clients to potential as well as existing customers. With regional offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin we now have expanded our presence internationally by opening our office in UAE.

Creating Consumer Confusion
Right from the early ages where behaviours were passed down thru DNA over generations till the current date where opinions are being shared over social media within seconds, the modern man has so many options of dispersing information at his disposal that he is now transformed into highly opinionated and well connected member of a constantly growing social community. This explosive growth in communication technology along with its easy accessibility and easy to use interface has led in a rush of manic proportions by brands to bombard the TG with messages in every possible form. It is pretty routine for an individual to receive messages from brands on a daily basis through SMS, Emails, Social media (and even calls in some cases) about offers, new products etc. This has resulted in a constant deluge of information that has created a confusing void in the customers mind making it increasingly difficult for him to evaluate the best solution.

Creating Customer Connection
We at Enkaptivate believe that there is a distinct difference between experiencing the brand and using the product/service which can lead your customer provide you with that crucial feedback that will determine your edge over the competition. As a promotions agency our aim is to create an opportunity for you to connect with your customer (both existing and potential) and promote your brand as effectively as possible. This can be possible only when the customer sees the brand in the right context.
At Enkaptivate we give priority to context before content. Our engagement programs have been developed keeping the customer and the clients proposition in mind. Our team of customer engagement experts make sure that the activities not only full fill the needs of the customer but also acts as a platform that launches the proposition of the client. Regardless of whether the objective is to acquire or augment we always aim to create a special place for our clients brand in the mind of his customer thus creating an opportunity to re-connect with him again in the future thus building a long lasting relationship.

This we believe is truly “Creating Customer Connect”


LAMP - Local Area Marketing Program

Whether it is a residential location, or any public place like malls, market places, multiplex etc we at enkaptivate make sure we deliver the biggest bang for your buck. Our fully customisable Local Area Marketing Program (LAMP) gives you a 360 degree platform to promote your brand not just at the target location but across the entire neighbourhood.


WAP - Worksite Acquisition Program

We at enkaptivate have fully decoded the India story. With over 67% percent of our population falling in the working age category of we believe that worksite engagement is the best available platform to launch or proposition any product or service. Our WAP based activities are designed to evoke responses and provoke responses from the TG in an intellectual and interesting manner. Our team of experts devise program that have value from an employee engagement perspective hence ensuring proactive and productive participation.


CAP - Collective Acquisition Programs

Over the years enkaptivate has identified and built close relationships with various business and non business organisations of repute. Enkaptivate provides consultation and execution services to over 500 associations and organisations in india with a collective base of over 1 million members across industries and professions. Our CAP based engagements provide brands the perfect platform to meet the right people (decision makers) in larger numbers which would other wise require tremendous logistical effort.


TELC - The Enkaptivate Leaders Cafe

A unique engagement opportunity for all kinds of brands seeking to meet and greet with business leaders, and senior management of companies. TELC brings together an exclusive selection of people from specific or varied businesses with focus on a common agenda. So if you want to proposition the decision makers and influencers of the industry we suggest this is where you have your coffee.


CSRE - Corporate Social Responsibility Engagements

Our long-lasting relationships with various clients and customers catchments have led us to create bouquets of CSR projects in collaboration with established NGO’s with the objective of facilitating the resources and funds required for implementing these projects. Our unique proposition combines the CSR objective of a company along with the employee engagement program to make it an holistic activity.


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